Chapter 2: Stranded In The Town From "Tangled"

June 13, 2022
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Soni Kanaya

I've never been so low on sleep yet so energized in my whole life! Those 1 Euro espressos are probably helping with that...

Language School

Caught without an umbrella on the walk to language school.
Caught without an umbrella on the walk to language school.

For the first two weeks of our program, we have Italian language class from 3-6:15om everyday. Coming into the program with a very limited Italian vocabulary, my roommates and I are all trying to make the most of these classes. Our teacher was super helpful and taught us more practical knowledge rather than just going by the book. We've all been trying hard to apply what we've learned to Italians we interact with instead of immediately revealing that we speak English. They usually can tell that we're Americans but it's good practice and they appreciate the attempt. 




Exploring the City

The timing of the language class makes it easy to sleep in every morning and,

The roommates on a late night adventure to Trevi Fountain.
The roommates on a late night adventure to Trevi Fountain.

 almost as a result, stay out later at night. We've done it all: Irish pubs to karaoke bars to boat clubs to visiting the big sites in Trastevere. It's almost easier to do things at night because there are fewer big crowds, it's not as hot, and Rome is still lively and beautiful at night. I'm honestly not sure if I've adjusted to the time change because our schedule here has been so unusual. 





Gaoile in Chianti

In the spirit of making the most of our more chill first two weeks before the internship starts, we booked a last minute trip to a small town called

Our cute town straight from "Tangled"!
Our cute town straight from "Tangled"!

Gaiole in Chanti in Tuscany. When I say it was last minute, it was very last minute. We basically did not research transportation in the town besides how to get to the nearest big city by train. The town we were staying in was very cute, but basically impossible to travel around from without a car. A kind taxi driver drove us there from the train station but no other taxis/ride services ran through the town. We ended up scratching all of our plans to travel around Tuscany during the trip and decided to just focus on finding a way to catch the train back to Rome and enjoying our time in the charming town (that looked like it was the exact town from "Tangled"). We had a relaxing countryside getaway (besides transportation stress) with good wine, pool days, and amazing views. On the Monday we planned on leaving, we caught an early morning bus to the train to come back to Rome. Never felt so good to be home!

Until next time! Arrivederci!

Tips to not look like a tourist!

1) Ordering a "caffe" at a coffee bar will just be a shot of espresso, not a larger coffee with milk.

2) Stores called "tabacchis" sell bus tickets but (careful!) they are usually closed on Sundays so plan accordingly. 

3) Metro cards will deactivate if kept near credit cards. 

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