Experiential Learning Center (ELC)


Marshall’s Experiential Learning Center (ELC)

50 years of harnessing technology for optimal student outcomes

The Experiential Learning Center (ELC) is a behavioral laboratory that provides Marshall Students with opportunities to apply the theories that they learn in the classroom to real-life business situations.

At the Center, simulations and role-plays are used to create various business scenarios that students might encounter in their work environment. Unique among business schools, ELC has played a key role in preparing Marshall Students for their careers for the past 53 years!

At the ELC, students engage in face-to-face experiential activities that are conducted by professional trainers who work closely with faculty to design, inaugurate and debrief these activities. ELC sessions are designed with the basic premise that students best learn by active engagement, hence each and every ELC session is dedicated to fostering student involvement, critical thinking and meaning full interaction among students. 

Since spring 2020, many of the ELC activities have been adapted to be conducted online. Special programs and applications have been developed and incorporated into the ELC online sessions to ensure that these activities deliver high impact, engaging and effective learning outcomes.

Marshall continues to place a high emphasis on student’s ability to “apply” what they learn to real-life situations and ELC continues to play a critical role in fulfilling this mission both in in-person and in online class sessions.

To learn more about the Experiential Learning Center, visit https://www.marshall.usc.edu/programs/experiential-learning-center