What We're Doing

Celebrating Diversity

USC Marshall is proud of its efforts to foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable learning community. In furthering this aim, we are involved in numerous activities, events, programs and partnerships. A full list is available here. Some highlights are listed below:

Pathways Orientation

Student Outreach & Retention

Student Travel and Professional Development Fellowships

Launched Student Travel and Professional Development Fellowships that have led to measurable increases in the attendance and professional engagement of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQIA, and other historically underserved students at national professional conferences.

Community Connections / Conversations

  • Athletes & Activism
  • Dr. Attallah Shabazz Fireside Chat
  • Vision and Accountability
    • How to be an Antiracist” Book dialogue
    • Maintaining Community: A Discussion with Devon Franklin.

Staff and Faculty Fellows Program

Established the Marshall Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Faculty and Staff Fellows program to build organizational knowledge and capacity, promote mentorship, and increase all- school leadership and engagement to implement and sustain the collective efforts.